Hoverboard Features

Hoverboard Features

Choosing the best Hoverboard with UL2272 Certification and all the features that you or your kids want is essential to the most enjoyable riding experience! We assume you have been searching all over the internet and local stores comparing different brands, prices, models and features. However, our goal is to take the stress out of purchasing a Hoverboard by including ALL the most popular upgrades & add-ons for free.


Self-balancing Technology

Exclusive technology & sensors ensures the smoothest ride.

No Chinese Batteries!

Safe UL2272 Li-Ion batteries that won’t overheat or catch fire!

Ride Further & Faster

Cruise at speeds up to 10 MPH and 8-12 Miles on a single charge.

Free 90-Day Warranty

All Hoverboards have a free 90-Day warranty against manufacturer defects

Built-in Bluetooth Speakers

Easily sync to your phone and listen to music while you ride.

Fast & Safe Charging

With our UL certified charger. Get back to riding in just 60-120 minutes.

SafeSheild® Battery: Our proprietary UL2272 certified battery delivers not only more power to the hoverboard, but also features overcharge protection. The result is a more powerful, longer lasting, and safest ride compared to other Hoverboards on the market!