Hoverboard FAQs

Hoverboard FAQ

We have compiled a list below of the most frequently asked questions and answers regarding all aspects of our Hoverboards. If you still have any additional questions or concerns, please contact our support team.

We offer several different models of Hoverboards, which each have their own advantages. Our X6 and X8 are generally not recommended for either grass or gravel, as these Hoverboards are built for hard smooth surfaces. While our X10 and HTX Off-Road Hoverboards can easily maneuver over almost any terrain including gravel and grass.

Yes! All of our Hoverboards have Bluetooth & Built-in speaker so you can listen to music while you ride. While some people will never use the Bluetooth functionality, thousands of our customers love it and provided many positive reviews regarding our sound quality compared to other brands.

Yes! Every Hoverboard we sell includes the proper charger for the Hoverboard and is UL2272 certified. Therefore you do not need to purchase any additional accessories when shopping with ®Hoverboards.com.

NO! NO! None of our Hoverboards have LED Wheels, as all those Hoverboards you see with those flashy LED wheels are made of plastic. Plastic wheels are known to crack and warp, and the last thing you want is wobbly Hoverboard, or a wheel that doesn’t work anymore. We only use durable Aluminum wheels so you can ride worry-free.

Yes! We offer a 90-Day warranty on all Hoverboards from the date of purchase. Our warranty covers all manufacturer defects, however does not include any damage or issues caused by the rider or mis-use.

Our X6, X8, and HTX Hoverboard tires are made of solid durable-rubber, offering a smooth ride while providing the much needed traction on smoother surfaces. They are also built to last and can not go flat, meaning you will never have to replace your tires! Our X10 Hoverboards as large 10″ air-filled tires, which are very similar to a bike tire with an inner-tube. These tires offer the smoothest ride and the ability to adjust the air-pressure so you can change the ride quality and speed, however you should avoid riding over sharp objects.

No… Our rubber tires will not leave marks or tracks on hardwood or tile floors, so let the kids ride away in the living room and kitchen!

Currently we do not ship to either AK/HI/PR as the cost is too expensive. However if you are able to cover the additional shipping costs, please call us and you can place the order over the phone with a Representative.

While not all Hoverboards on the market are safe, EVERY Hoverboard we sell is 100% safe and UL2272 certified. We only use Genuine UL2272 Certified Lithium-Ion batteries encased in poly-carbonate protective shell. Unlike many of our competitors, we DO NOT use dangerous shrink-wrapped Chinese batteries that have been known to catch fire.

Our UL Certified batteries last up to 2X longer!
Low-quality Chinese batteries have 4,000 mAh x 10 cells and last only approximately 300 cycles. However, our newest batteries have 4,400 mAh x 10 cells, which is 44,000 mAh in total vs 40,000 mAh. This big difference results in much more power output and a longer battery lifespan.

One of the biggest differences between us and our competitors is that EVERY hoverboard is fully-stocked and ready to ship from our Warehouse in the United States.  Unlike nearly every other hoverboard supplier, we ship your scooter the same day from the USA, therefore you don’t have to wait 2-3 weeks to get your hoverboard from China!

You must be aware that even though many Hoverboards look similar in appearance, the technology and internal components will very greatly. Many of the cheap discount brand Hoverboards use cheap plastic LED wheels, under-powered motors, and non-UL2272 certified. Like most other products you usually get what you pay for, which is why we DO NOT match prices of competitor Hoverboards or claim to have the lowest prices, as no 2 hoverboard brands are alike.

Our Hoverboards are considered one of the safest scooters on the market and easiest to ride, however the minimum rider age we recommend is 7-8 years old. The best Hoverboard model we offer for children is the X6, which has 6.5″ tires and can support up to 220lbs. Children should always be supervised by an adult and wear the proper protective gear.

Our X6 and X8 Hoverboard is built for both kids and adults in mind. It is recommended for riders with a maximum weight of 220lbs. The X10 and HTX Hoverboards can support up to 260 lbs given their larger wheel size.

The Hoverboard’s battery will lasts about 3 to 6 hours or approx. 8-12 miles on a single charge. The duration of the battery is directly dependent upon the weight of the rider and driving conditions.

Shipping is always FREE within the USA! However we do not currently ship to Alaska or Hawaii.

YES! If the you see the Hoverboard on our website and it shows In-Stock, it will ship out within 24 hours after placing an order. If the item says PRE-ORDER, please check the estimated date for shipping.

We have 3 warehouses, however most orders ship Monday-Friday via UPS Ground from our Mid-West warehouse. Please see the UPS Transit map below to get an estimated transit time.

This is usually because the billing address did not match the address associated with your credit or debit card. This helps eliminate fraudulent orders as we verify each orders billing address to ensure it matches. Please go back to our website and ensure all the data below is correct.

  • The billing address that is on the order does not match the billing address where the card statement is mailed to
  • Unavailable funds
  • The SSC number was missing or incorrect
  • For most credit cards, enter the three-digit number that follows your account number on the back of your card. If you have an American Express card, enter the four-digit number printed above your account number on the front of your card
  • Incorrect credit card number or expiration date

My order wouldn’t process, but I have multiple charges on my credit card. Why is this? 

When you place an order we must contact your credit card’s bank to ensure that your credit card has a valid number. This is done via a full authorization for the amount of the purchase and is merely a security measure we use to protect your financial information. While it may seem as though you have multiple charges on your credit card, these are not charges. They are authorizations that will drop off of your statement (if your order did not go through) typically within 1 – 2 business days. If you experience further problems, please contact our customer service team and we would be happy to help in any way possible.

YES! Hoverboards.com is the largest UL 2272 Certified Hoverboard retailer! As the online leader for over 3 years, we were one of the first Hoverboards in the world to achieve UL2272 certification.


“UL Listed means that UL has tested represented samples of the product and determined that it meets UL’s Requirement’s These requirements are based primarily on UL’s published and nationally recognized Standard for Safety. References to UL and the UL listing may include the UL Listing Mark.” –Underwriter Laboratories

Our Hoverboards have passed the following UL Tests!

  • Overcharge Test
  • Short Circuit Test
  • Over discharge Test
  • Temperature Test (Determines the failure temperature of a product.)
  • Imbalanced Charging Test
  • Dielectric Voltage Test
  • Isolation Resistance Test (Testing Isolation Transformer.)
  • Vibration Test
  • Shock Test
  • Crash Test
  • Drop Test
  • Mold Stress Test
  • Water Exposer Test
  • Thermal Cycling Test (Testing the effects of extreme differential temperature change.)
  • Label Performance Test (Comparing products against other leading brands.)
  • Strain Relief Tests
  • Motor Overload Test
  • Motor Locked Rotor
  • 20mm End Product Flame (Test that determines flame resistance.)

The Hoverboard wheel size is probably the biggest deciding factor when purchasing a Hoverboard. Each size offers distinct benefits when it comes to the age and needs of the rider.

However, if you are new to Hoverboarding and want the most affordable and practical Hoverboard, our 6.5″ X6 Hoverboard is the perfect size for you. It is our best selling Hoverboard and built for for both kids and adults. It is very versatile a weighs about 8-10 less than the other models making it easier to carry around when not riding.  In fact, over 90% of all Hoverboards sold today have the 6.5″ wheels size… so you will not be disappointed!

Our X6 Hoverboard has 6.5″ wheels and is the most common wheel size of all Hoverboards. It has a solid rubber tire, so the riding is worry free, meaning you don’t have to worry about punctures or ever replacing your tires. However the ride is a little more bumpy when venturing outside.

It is a great Hoverboard size for beginners due to its smaller wheel and easy to step on and step off. Because of its low clearance it is ideal for smooth surfaces, in or around the house. It can also be used on sidewalks and asphalt surfaces, however it is not suitable for grass, rough terrain or gravel.

The X6 Hoverboard is recommended for ages 8-9 years old and older with a minimum weight 45 pounds and maximum weight of 220 pounds, which allows fun for the whole family.

Our X8 Hoverboard has 8”wheels and slightly more powerful motors compared to the X6 Hoverboard, which allows the rider to go a little faster. However the difference in speed might not be significant enough to notice, given it’s just a slight difference.

The 8” solid rubber tire is perfect for some riders with growing needs. If you are in the age group of 10 to 14 or older this would be a step up from the X6 due to a little extra foot base, more clearance and higher pad level from the ground. It can also handle slightly rougher terrain given the larger diameter tires.

Our X10 Hoverboard is a HUGE step up from all the other sizes.

The X10 Hoverboard has large 10” wheels and offers a different experience due to its pneumatic (air-filled) tires. The X10 model has become very popular for the same reason with young riders and adults. The X10 offers an amazing smooth ride on all terrains such as but not limited to; grass, sidewalks, indoors, and gravel. It is preferred by people that wish to ride for a longer period of time or want to handle all types of terrain. The minimum weight range for the X10 is the same as the X6 and X8 Hoverboards at 40 pounds, however the larger X10 Hoverboard can support up to 260 pounds.

The 10″ pneumatic tires are cheap and easy to replace but the rider should maintain the tire pressure to the rider’s weight for the smoothest ride and longest lasting ride possible.