About Us

Why choose ®Hoverboards.com?

Hoverboards.com is the official Hoverboard retailer proudly based in the USA since 2014! As the industry leader our Hoverboards are manufactured to the highest standards with premium parts such as German-engineered motors and durable Aluminum wheels. Do not be fooled by cheap knock-off’s as these often start to malfunction within weeks due to faulty circuit boards and under-powered motors. Get peace of mind knowing your new Hoverboard is not going to have any safety issues/recalls and provide the safest, longest lasting riding experience…period!


Only Ride the Best!

We strive to offer affordable Hoverboards, however we are not the cheapest and for good reason. Many online retailers ONLY focus on offering the lowest price to attract unsuspecting customers. However these discount Hoverboards are just that, cheap! If you read the all the negative reviews for these poorly constructed Hoverboards with 8-cell batteries, you will quickly discover they usually only last 1-3 months before needing to be sent back for repair.

Over 100,000+ Satisfied Customers

Proudly based in the USA since 2014 our customer service is available via email, phone, or live chat. To ensure the fastest delivery all orders are shipped directly from our USA warehouses. We never drop-shop from overseas or have a 3rd party fulfill orders, we do it all in-house!

FREE…Fast Delivery via UPS


  • Our standard order processing time is 1-2 business days and orders generally arrive between 1-4 business days after that. ‘


  • Our holiday order processing time is 2-3 business days and orders generally arrive between 3-5 business days after that.
  • Any order placed on or after Dec 15th is not guaranteed to arrive on time for the Holidays.

Shipping not available to:

– P.O. Boxes
– APO Addresses
– Hawaii / Alaska
– Addresses outside the continental U.S.

Outlast all other Brands!

We only use the latest generation high capacity 16-Cell Lithium-ion battery packs with built-in overcharge protection and can be safely charged for ~2,000 cycles (more than 2X the industry average). Nearly all Hoverboards currently sold online use generic 8-Cell battery packs which results in 50% less ride time per charge and often need a costly replacement within a year.

Ride worry-free for 90 days!

Don’t settle for less! Unlike most Hoverboards that offer a 30-day limited warranty, we got you covered for a full 90-days. We have maintained our position as the top Hoverboard retailer by utilizing the latest technology and ensuring the highest level of safety. Every Hoverboard we sell is UL2272 certified, engineered for performance, and triple checked for quality & reliability.


Does the Hoverboard have Aluminum or Plastic wheels?   We ONLY use Aluminum!  

Is the Battery Pack 8-Cells or 16-Cells?   We ONLY use 16-cells!  

Does the Hoverboard have Bluetooth & Built-in Speaker?   Our models ALL have Bluetooth  

What type of Control Boards/Gyro’s are inside?   We ONLY use #1 brand TAOTAO!  

Are the customer reviews Positive?   Rated 4.8 out of 5!  

Open 7-Days per Week

Rated as the #1 Hoverboard retailer in the USA—Hoverboards.com® is proudly based in the USA with multiple fulfillment centers to ensure the fastest delivery possible anywhere in the country! Need help? Our customer support department is here to assist to ensure your Hoverboard purchase is hassle-free!



Avoid Plastic Wheels

We often get asked “Do you sell Hoverboards with flashing LED wheels?” Most parents & consumers are unaware, however ALL these Hoverboards  have cheap Plastic wheels which tend to crack & warp. Hoverboards.com® only uses durable precision cast Aluminum wheels. You’ll thank us later!



Genuine UL2272 Certified

Unlike many online retailers selling old inventory of Non-UL2272 Certified Hoverboards or fake UL Holograms, you can be 100% certain you are buying an Authentic and Safe UL2272 Certified Hoverboard with ®Hoverboards.com!